"Roma, You Are in the Sky" (2018)
Artist's Statement

My 2018 series, “Roma, You are in the sky”, chronicles my grief after my husband and I made the decision no parent wants to make.

2017 should have been a thrilling time for two expecting parents, and instead turned into a rollercoaster of false hope and unknowns. We spent our time fighting the urges to plan and design the nursery, to pick out outfits that were too adorable to leave on the store shelves, lest it cause only more pain in the end.

After the ultrasounds, MRIs, and insurance covered tests all came back inconclusive, our last option was an uninsured full panel genetic screening. Through this Seattle Children’s Hospital geneticists were able to finally answer the questions our medical team had - mandibulofacial dysostosis-microcephaly syndrome. A rare condition that impacts the heart, airways, and head. Her body was donated to research in the hope of helping future families.

These paintings are of the Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. Created in a depressed drowning of wine and weed.