All of my work is dedicated to my husband Richard and our daughter Roma, may your body spare others.

Lara Wallace, a contemplative artist, draws inspiration from her early years of solitude, fostering a rich and vivid imagination. Through her adept use of light and color, she skillfully evokes profound emotions in viewers, inviting them on a journey to otherworldly realms of thought and feeling.

At the age of ten, Lara experienced a profound revelation when she encountered Salvador Dali's iconic masterpiece, "The Persistence of Memory," a pivotal moment that ignited her lifelong passion for art. This extraordinary encounter left an indelible mark, sparking her enduring fascination with the boundless metaphorical depths and the liberating realm of interpretation that art offers.

Her artistic education and career have been characterized by steady progress, including valuable instruction under the guidance of Master Artist Terry Furchgott at the esteemed Gage Academy of Art. Through Terry, Lara discovered the fauvist movement and with it the concept of the perfect palette.

Lara believes that art serves as a powerful tool for projecting imagination, transporting viewers to distant memories or inviting them to experience entirely new ones. Her unique approach involves rendering reality in multiple alternates, saturated with colors, and employing creative techniques to alter shapes and depth of field, adding a captivating filter to the everyday.

In essence, Lara Wallace's art offers viewers an immersive experience, where imagination melds with reality, provoking contemplation and wonder.